Angels on the Wall Street, traders in the sky
Posted on January 3, 2016
In the Talmud can be found this sentence:


Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whisper,”Grow, grow.”


In Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas can be found this sentence:


When you attain some degree of control over yourself, you can then see how other traders, are not in control of what happens to them, like blades of grass, all bending to the force of the prevailing wind and constantly being stepped on.




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What cannot be measured?
Posted on February 11, 2015
Sorrow cannot be measured.


Joy diminishes the gravitation, for a while.


The Death. How long does the death last? A couple of minutes, I suppose.


The Thirst. How many glasses of water mean a thirst?




That cannot be measured, could it exist?


Are our measurements, calculations, predictions, memories correct?


Well. Everything is gone. The line is straight, the heart has just stopped. The cause: a bullet, stab in the back, an overdose, an accident…


If we measure the body whether the dead will be born again.


Here you can see the soul. The soul cannot be measured but exists. Very kind.


How many glasses of water have we drunk in a lifetime?


How many sparrows have we seen?


How many times has it been raining?
How many snowmen have we made?


How many times have we lived?


There is something that hates the numbers.




The inspiration of this text, of course,is the thought of Protagoras of Abdera


“Of all things the measure is Man, of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not”.


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Grandfather paradox in Interstellar and Terminator
Posted on December 19, 2014
If you are a time traveller, you can go straight to the end and read the last line which summarises the entire text. Will Grandfather paradox delete you?


What would happen to an astronaut who dived into a black hole? Obviously, he would die.


Anyone who fell into it would hit a wall of fire and be burned to a crisp in an instant according to Polchinski’s calculations


The observer falling into a black hole really would notice something when he crossed the event horizon. In fact, he would notice that he is being incinerated by a blast of Hawking radiation: the firewall.


Grandfather Paradox:


the time traveller goes back in time and kills his grandfather before his grandfather meets his grandmother. As a result, the time traveller is never born.(wiki)


Stanislaw Lem modified the content as follows:


Peter, having grown up, learns that his father seduced Peter’s mother and abandoned her. Peter boards a time vehicle, sets out for the past and seeks out the father in the vicinity of the place where his mother was supposed to have resided at that time. The search, although very thorough, turns out to be in vain. However, in the course of establishing various contacts related to his expedition, Peter meets a girl who attracts him. The two fall in love and a baby is conceived. Peter, however, cannot remain permanently in the past; he is obliged to return to his old mother, for whom he is the sole support. One day he finds in one of his mother’s drawers a thirty-year-old photograph and to his horror recognizes in it the girl whom he loved. Peter thus comes to understand that he did not find his father for the simple enough reason that he is the father.


A cybernetic assassin called Terminator is sent back through time to murder Connor’s mother Sarah Connor before he is born, thereby preventing Connor’s existence and the success of his future rebellion. Connor sends a soldier named Kyle Reese back to the same time to protect Sarah.


grandfather paradox




In Interstellar Cooper discovers a way to interact with past moments in spacetime by sending gravitational waves, and attempts to send himself a message not to leave Earth. The fail satisfies the Novikov’s self-consistency principle ( if an event exists that would give rise to a paradox, or to any “change” to the past whatsoever, then the probability of that event is zero).


All that happened to you stays forever.






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Posted on November 13, 2014
Exercise 2: Salvation


Choose one of the approaches and count the leaves of a random deciduous tree.


1. Natural: Stand under the tree and collect the fallen leaves in bags. Write down the number at the same time each day. Sum them up after the fall of the last leaf.


2. Unnatural: After the tree turns green, climb on it and pick all leaves. Count them.


There are a short story by O. Henry and a film with Eddie Murphy where the plot is based on the finite number of the leaves.


There are two “ei” in Zeitgeist.




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Posted on November 12, 2014
If you are in the space station, ask the members of the crew not to fly around you during the exercise.


Exercise 1. Ontogenesis


Look at the lake in front of you.


The enthusiastic anglers on the shore and men who are walking on the water.


The two hippos and their love dance, the swimming event and the flock of pink flamingos. The navy in the harbor.


At the first puff of wind, flap your wings and fly away.


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No Way
Posted on October 17, 2014
X. is in the room. The room has neither a door, nor a window.


1. X. owns the ability to walk through the walls.


1.1. X. owns the ability to teleport himself.


2. X. discovers the secret button. He presses it and the wall starts moving.


3. X. wakes up and he understands that the room is a dream.


4. X. is a cruel ruler/criminal who has taken the lives of many people (the reader looses interest in stories, in which bad things happen to the bad people)


5. Few days after X. hears the noise of a hammer or a breaker. The light comes few minutes later. His wife is bringing the divorce papers.


6. X. is yoga. He falls into Samadhi. The world finishes thousand’s years after and he is still in Samadhi.


7. The room is a metaphor of the world. There are seas, an ocean, four rivers, a flock of sheep, a sparrow etc. Life is not so bad.


8. X. does not manage to get out and dies. Depiction of his last hours (18+)


9. X. is a machine, a doll, a table, a ghost.


10. …


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Man On The Moon
Posted on October 14, 2014
You have just fallen down from the Moon.


You dust yourself and start hugging everyone, in tears.


The journey has made you thirsty and you take a bottle of Coca-Cola.


The ambulance arrives and they bring you to the psychiatric clinic.


Were you really on the Moon?


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Apologia For The Rational Mind
Posted on October 9, 2014
If we do not have rational mind we will not know what is irrational.


If you want to understand the freedom you have to live in prison.


We are sunk in the sea of archetypes and the rational mind is our island where we spend our lives.


The words are cities where the thoughts live.


We do not need to chase a deer in the future and wear furs.


We are discovering other worlds and we are not going to dig the holes in the earth to hide potatoes and carrots.


We can change the kind of rationality but without rationality we will be simply waiting for the lightning to set on fire.


The rationality does not mean fear.


There are actions, which you do on purpose, and such you do unconscious.


Prometheus’ deed. Yes, the verdict is always more severe and longer but this is the price of “I have done this”.


We do not need gods for having a world. We have created our world and gods want to take it from us.


Amorphous gods do not like rationality. They do not like that people having plans and they are always trying to destroy the human towers.


The Tower of Babel had not been built because someone was given the exercise of free writing.


The free will is propaganda of the gods.


The heaven is advertisement.


The death is a bad mortgage.


We are not merely players, Mr Shakespeare, and the world is not a stage.


This is our home.


The civilizations do not like the rationality. They come up with different manners to put to sleep the human rationality.


The religion.


The science.


The television.










Question: What is rationality?


Answer: Nosce te ipsum.






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A Handbook
Posted on October 1, 2014
You shall not murder what you find.


You shall not commit adultery with what you find.


You shall not steal what the others find.


You shall stop seeking when you find what you have been seeking.


You shall not seek two things at the same time.


You shall got up early, have a breakfast and start seeking.


You shall not thrust the talking parrots.


You shall dive if you want to find the sunken ship.


You shall use a torch when night falls and there is no electricity in the old house.


You shall eat what you find in the refrigerator.


It is going to rain tomorrow.


It is going to be sunny tomorrow.


You shall not find anything if you do not seek.


But seeking is not enough.


You need warm clothes and a fast horse.


Do not forget:


If you want to find something, someone had to lose it before.


You shall read Homer.


The protagonist of the fourth exercise is interested in what is lost. He did not understand what have to do and I give him these rules to help him in his task.


But meanwhile I put him in another story. All is love. There is a classic love triangle and the hero has just forgotten his watch on the night table in his mistress’ house. Later her husband will discover the watch…(shouts and tears).




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Posted on September 23, 2014
NB: I would ask the people who have one question, by which they decide whether they could be friends with a person they’ve just met, not to read the text below.


There is no such a question. Sometimes Daily Post provokes us. I do not believe that they have such a question. It is a good practice to respond to provocations.
I like the scene in the Fellowship of the Ring where Gandalf is trying to open the dwarf’s door, “The doors of Durin – Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter.”
Frodo in the movie and Gandalf in the book solve the riddle. The answer is: friend.
I like the next too:
“A good friend will help you move but a true friend will help you move a body.”
― Steven J. Daniels, Weeds in The Garden of Love
(if someone uses the citation before me, I apologize him/her)
You can marry the idea of marrying but friendship is much deeper (in my opinion).
Behind every friendship we find some history.
The friendship is defined by experiences and not by words.




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Posted on September 22, 2014
A casting.
You enter a room full of strangers and read words given to you.
The strangers give you the role.
The role in the movie includes a robbery. You enter a room full of strangers and shout with the gun in your hand.
The robbery does not succeed.
Then you go to jail and again enter a room full of strangers.


Strangers are sitting in the room and watching the movie where you…




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The Speed of Light
Posted on September 18, 2014
The laws of motion are not correct in the text.


The speed of writing multiplied by the time = many letters


I have been writing for ten minutes. For how long have I been writing?






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